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the key to reporting on multi-year grant for your nonprofit

7 min read multi-year grants with unrestricted funds are incredibly valuable to nonprofits because they provide money upfront which allows for the confident hiring of staff and executing of program objectives.

unlocking the power of client-centric cfo services for mid-market companies

6 min read with the rise in inflation and subsequent rise in interest rates, operating costs and the cost of capital have increased across the board in ...

the rise of artificial intelligence in financial management

5 min read cautionary tales of robot takeovers and the dangers of artificial intelligence (ai) fill the world of science fiction. while all new ...

financial reports for mid-market companies

7 min read the bank of america mid-sized business owners report [1] just came out with a whole host of information on trends among business owners, their ...

management reports for smes

9 min read financial reports are necessary and legally required of businesses, so everyone uses them. unfortunately, many business leaders choose not to ...

what mid-market companies should look for in advisory services

8 min read running a business is tough, and the odds of success are against you.

fdic coverage: understanding what it is, what it covers, and why it's important to know

since 2000, the fdic has recorded 565 bank failures in the united states. the number of bank failures peaked between 2009 and 2012 in the wake of the ...