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the key to reporting on multi-year grant for your nonprofit

7 min read multi-year grants with unrestricted funds are incredibly valuable to nonprofits because they provide money upfront which allows for the confident hiring of staff and executing of program objectives.

a fundraising appeal: when does your nonprofit need one?

6 min read most donors understand that nonprofit organizations are always open for donations – even if your donor communications do not always ...

why your nonprofit should focus on ach recurring donations

6 min read cultivating reliable revenue streams can be a major challenge for nonprofit organizations. while year-end giving represents the largest portion ...

7 financial reports every nonprofit should monitor

9 min read the most successful nonprofit organizations – no matter how small or large – are run just like for-profit corporations, meaning their leaders ...

the impact of inflation on nonprofits

7 min read the target inflation rate which is usually regarded as normal or acceptable is 2%, according to the federal reserve[1].

the importance of fundraising transparency

6 min read with about 1.8 million organizations listed as 501c3s, there are more nonprofit organizations in the united states than ever before, and the ...

how a board of directors should respond to a crisis

9 min read when most nonprofit missions are focused on dealing with crises that are occurring every moment of every day, nonprofit leaders can easily lose ...