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actionable reporting helps nonprofit boost donor's monthly giving

consortium for education change (cec) works with school districts across the country to implement measurable social change. 


executive director of cec shelley taylor, joined the organization shortly after they took a double hit: the loss of a significant amount of grant dollars and a global pandemic that disrupted giving behaviors.

cec had previously been working with an outsourced accounting firm for two years, but they felt they were not getting the expertise specifically needed for nonprofits. 

"i knew that we weren't ready to seek some of the philanthropic dollars that i wanted to go after because i didn't have a clear picture to show and share my story with the donors," she explained.

the organization needed detailed financials to feel confident in the numbers they were showing to the board. their finances needed thoughtful leadership and detailed reporting to enable decision-making.


after partnering with growthforce, shelley no longer stresses walking into board meetings. she feels confident in her financial literacy and using cec's numbers to tell a story. 

"the reports provided by growthforce are actionable and support my team in making critical decisions month-by-month. my accounting team patiently answers all of my questions no matter how trivial," shelly remarked.

the cec now has actionable reports to show donors the tangible result of their gift, fueling donor passion for the mission and an increase in monthly giving.

with consistent forecasting and reporting, cec's cash flow significantly improved- and making payroll no longer became a headache.  

the reports the organization receives every month fuel better (data-driven) decision-making. shelley is able to spend less time in her back office, and more time doing what she does best: driving social change.  

    how we helped

  • board & management reports/ kpis
  • dedicated team
  • optimized quickbooks system
  • audit & tax readiness
  • timely month-end close
shelley taylor

shelley taylor

executive director, consortium for educational change


i feel incredibly confident in speaking about and sharing our financial statements. the reports provided by growthforce are actionable and support my team in making critical decisions month-by-month.


don't let your mission get derailed by bad financial management. 

get a dedicated team of experts and actionable financial insights to drive results like these.

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