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plannet marketing gains insight into profitability out of the gate and unlimited systems scalability


with a desire for outsourcing all non-core functions, plannet marketing sought the help of growthforce to manage their financial operations as they were starting-up their new business. flexibility was a key attraction including the ability of the people, processes and systems to scale quickly.


growthforce was able to build a custom quickbooks based financial management system that was optimized to allow for plannet marketing’s rapid growth. they are able to get management reports and the financial intelligence to help them scale. as they've moved from hundreds to many thousands of transactions per month, the team and the systems don't even break a sweat.

how we did it

  • optimized quickbooks enterprise
  • weekly & monthly commission management
  • bill.com bill payment integration
  • expensify independent rep expense management
andy cauthen

andy cauthen

president, plannet marketing

growthforce started adding some real value from the very beginning. in fact, one of the things that impressed us the most was the flexibility in growthforce's initial proposal to us. it's extremely efficient and it's value-ridden for us because for the money that we pay growthforce and what we get, is just ... it far exceeds anything we could expect out of hiring a staff of people to do the same thing. 

so what you do, you do very, very well and we're just thrilled with it.


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