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from lagging financial reports to strategic business intelligence,  renewalmd gains financial clarity


renewalmd was struggling to get their books in order and their former bookkeeper was taking 90 days to do the month-end close. their financial reporting wasn't reliable and they were not getting any reports that were actionable. they want to drive profits and needed financial intelligence that was both timely and actionable. renewalmd was in need of professional accounting expertise, but also couldn't spend much more than they were already paying for their single bookkeeper. 


after becoming a growthforce client, renewalmd now has a timely month-end close process and better insight into their financials. the growthforce reporting package provided renewalmd with timely, accurate reporting with actionable financial intelligence that helps their management team make data-driven decisions. 

month-end close is no longer a headache for renewalmd. leadership has the reports they need at their fingertips to see the drivers of profitability, and actionable data to make decisions that help their bottom line.

how we did it

  • management reports
  • key performance indicators (kpis)
  • optimized quickbooks system
  • dedicated team
  • timely month-end close
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scott regan


i got a team of expertise from growthforce at a cost not much more than what we were been paying for a single bookkeeper. that was very attractive.



are you looking at the right reports?

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