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st. andrew's abbey gains peace of mind through trusted accounting partnership


st. andrew's abbey was in need of accounting support, and sought a dedicated team to help efficiently manage their financial responsibilities. being a nonprofit organization, they were looking for a firm with specialized expertise to navigate their financial intricacies.

in their search for a financial partner, st. andrew's abbey sought more than just conventional bookkeeping services. they were in search of a collaborator who could provide tailor-made solutions for nonprofits.

this search led them to growthforce, a leader in the nonprofit outsourced accounting space.

initially, there was some hesitation on br. paul ortega's part about outsourcing their financial functions to a remote team.

however, this anxiety was quickly relieved when he experienced the depth of expertise, unwavering commitment, and a strong sense of trust from the growthforce team.

"we were looking for a partner, not just an automated and impersonal firm." 



today, st. andrews abbey has a dedicated financial partner to help support the seamless operation of their organization.

what sets this partnership apart is the responsiveness and level of trust from the growthforce team. no question, big or small, is too insignificant to merit the full support of the growthforce team.

the partnership with growthforce has relieved the financial burden, giving br. paul ortega and the st. andrews abbey team the time to focus on their mission with confidence.

how we did it

saint andrews abbey
  • audit & tax readiness 
  • timely month end close
  • dedicated team 
  • optimized quickbooks system



br. paul (john) ortega

monk at st. andrew's abby

"i never feel that i am just calling a call center. that is the personal touch that separates growthforce from just about everyone else that we looked at" 


don't let your mission get derailed by bad financial management. 

we’ll build a customized accounting package for your nonprofit based upon current needs and anticipated growth.

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