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"growthforce cares about your mission as much as you do- so you can do the hard work of saving more lives"

survivor ventures provides survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation with the resources and support needed to attain economic empowerment.


survivor ventures was growing- and at a rapid rate.  

with their expansion, survivor venture's leadership team found they were spending too much time in the back office. they were clocking hours figuring out to allocate funds, making sure they're using restricted funds in the right way, and so on. 

"if we are spending all of our time doing that, we aren't able to focus on the mission and the way it deserves to be focused on." survivor ventures founder, tiffany mcgee said.

survivor ventures sought a partner to help them maintain fiscal responsibility to their funders while keeping administrative & overhead costs as low as possible.

leadership needed less time in the back office, and more time focused on fueling their corporate mission of economically empowering human traffic survivors.


the partnership with growthforce was the scalable solution survivor ventures needed to continue to expand at their rate.

the number one piece of advice mcgee has for small organizations is- "don't wait until you have enough funds. you want to start as soon as you incorporate your business or your nonprofit, and you start bringing in any money or funding at all. it is so important to have the right foundation ". with the right team and technology in place, growthforce was able to go back, clean up the books, and fill the gap that survivor ventures had in their foundation. 

survivor ventures's accounting function and development team now work together to show the donors the tangible result of their gift.  with detailed reporting leadership has the financial insights to show funders exactly how much it costs to run each program- which leads to higher giving. 

since the partnership, survivor ventures leadership has the freedom to focus on expansion, being able to move into new cities and states across the country.

    how we helped

  • dedicated team + technology 
  • board & management reports/ kpis
  • optimized quickbooks system
  • audit & tax readiness
  • timely month-end close
survivor ventures

president, ceo and founder

survivor ventures


funders want to see measurable results. they want to see how each of their dollars are being spent. what growthforce provides to a nonprofit is the response to that, which can only help a nonprofit get grant funding. 


don't let your mission get derailed by bad financial management. 

get a dedicated team of experts and actionable financial insights to drive results like these.

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